Black By Popular Demand

Books by Black authors published the week of February 16th

What’s going oooonnnn?! Back for another week, Black for another week. A small but critical selection for you this week, and why don’t we celebrate these releases by pairing them with a stellar Black-owned bookstore? Please check out Black Pearl Books, located in Austin, Texas, and give them your support. Happy reading!

Reaper of Souls

Rena Barron

After so many years yearning for the gift of magic, Arrah has the one thing she’s always wanted—but it came at too steep a price. Now the last surviving witchdoctor, she’s been left to pick up the shattered pieces of a family that betrayed her, a kingdom plunged into chaos, and a love that can never be.

While Arrah returns to the tribal lands to search for survivors of the demons’ attack, her beloved Rudjek hunts down the remnants of the demon army—and uncovers a plot that would destroy what’s left of their world.

The Demon King wants Arrah, and if she and Rudjek can’t unravel his schemes, he will destroy everything, and everyone, standing in his way.

Set in a richly imagined world inspired by whispered tales of voodoo and folk magic, the Kingdom of Souls trilogy has been optioned for film by Michael B. Jordan and his Warner Bros. production company, Outlier Society.

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Dreaming Down the Bones

Amber Fisher

After freeing a cult from the evil that tormented its members, necromancer Kezia Bernard is thrilled to receive an offer to study under world-famous Evangeline Morris. Not only is Evangeline the last necromancer in Atlanta, she also has what Kezia wants most: a cure for the affliction that can kill those who remain too long in a necromancer's presence.

Or so Kezia thought.

A mysterious scourge has revived Evangeline's affliction, killing a member of her household and putting the rest in imminent danger. Fearing the darkness that robbed the city of its necromancers is closing in on its final victim, Kezia must act fast to save her mentor from an unthinkable fate. Little does she know the spider that holds Atlanta in its web is far more insidious than she could possibly imagine.

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loving the alien

Rabha Ashry

A poetry collection by Rabha Ashry, winner of the Brunel International African Poetry Prize, 2020.

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when they come

Morgan Christie

A poetry collection from prize-winning poet Morgan Christie

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father forgive me

Deshawn McKinney

A poetry collection from Deshawn McKinney

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The Scarlet Court’s Sacrifice

S. McPherson

The Witches have come and they’ve come for blood. Mainly, Akira’s. The Ultima is unhinged and unwilling to let the Seventh Star escape again and Akira finds herself hunted on all sides. Who is friend? Who is foe? And can she depend on those she trusts when they’re each drowning in their own sea of savagery?

The hunt is on. The stakes are high. And emotions and horrors are soaring.

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Chiquita Dennie

Arianna Pierce is on the precipice of watching her dreams come to life as the newest race car driver for her family’s business. She’s breaking barriers as the first African American woman on the team, but unfortunately, she’s up against racing’s top driver.

Kamden “Kash” Coleman is the man everyone wants to be and the driver everyone wants to beat. This time around, Arianna just might get her chance. Kash’s life is rife with chaos right now. Between the pressures of his career, problems with an ex, and the very real possibility that he could’ve fathered a child, it’s all he can do to keep his head in the race and his heart in the right place. Arianna is the distraction he doesn’t know he needs.

Will the rivals find their way through the chaos and into love?

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